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Jeanne Blake
Jeanne Blake
Jeanne Blake is an executive coach, author, award-winning science and medical television journalist/news anchor, and founder of Blake Works.

Jeanne has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, and been featured on NPR and Bloomberg Radio. She is a guest columnist for USA TODAY on qualities of leadership.

Leadership and Communication Coach
Jeanne provides executive leadership communication coaching, presentation coaching and media training. Her clients learn to communicate with all key stakeholders clearly, concisely and with impact. They gain the confidence they need to influence and persuade diverse internal and external audiences of all sizes. The depth of Jeanne's experience in science and medicine distinguishes her communication expertise. She is recognized for her work with innovators in healthcare and bioscience preparing for high-impact presentations, including TED Talks. Of note is Jeanne’s skilled approach to coaching clients for whom English is a second language.

Facilitator and Moderator
As a result of her successful track record in coaching leaders and emerging leaders, Jeanne is a featured speaker at corporate off-site events. As a facilitator at professional development seminars, her deft interviewing skills and command of complex information ensure an engaged audience.

Innovative Journalism
Jeanne has established a record of firsts in TV journalism: the first medical and science beat at CBS affiliate WBZ-TV, Boston; the first co-host of the award-winning nightly program Chronicle at ABC affiliate WCVB-TV, Boston; the first journalist to report on the case of the missing and murdered children in Atlanta, at CBS Affiliate WAGA-TV, Atlanta, receiving national recognition; the first medical segment Housecalls at ABC affiliate KMSP-TV, Minneapolis.

After a successful career in commercial television, Jeanne founded Blake Works and Family Health Productions in 1991. Her companies have produced an extensive, award-winning library of multimedia Words Can Work products to guide families and communities in talking about public health challenges.

As one of the first reporters in the country to report on HIV/AIDS, Jeanne earned the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial Journalism Award. Americans for Democratic Action honored Jeanne for her "outstanding leadership in the field of healthcare."

Civic Leadership
Jeanne is a trustee of McLean Hospital, Harvard Medical School's largest psychiatric facility, and she is an affiliated faculty member at Harvard Medical School's Division on Addiction. Jeanne served as a member of the American Psychological Association's Task Force on Girls and was a Kaiser Media Fellow in Health. She co-founded the Perfect Storm Foundation with author Sebastian Junger.

Blake Works partnered with The Satcher Health Leadership Institute, founded by former U.S. Surgeon General David Satcher, M.D., to develop a national series of NFL-sponsored Town Hall meetings on concussions and mental health. Jeanne consulted in the development of the forums and facilitated the events.

Jeanne's first book, Risky Times: How to be AIDS-Smart and Stay Healthy (Workman), was featured on Oprah and The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. A quarter million copies are in print in English, Spanish and Japanese. Jeanne contributed to AIDS: Prevention Through Education: A World View (Oxford Press). She is also the author of the popular series of Words Can Work booklets, addressing youth and public health issues.

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