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Bullying: True Stories highly recommended by
Video Librarian Magazine

September/October 2012

Bullying: True Stories
(2010) 20 min. DVD: $99.99. Blake Works. PPR.

Medical reporter, author, and producer Jeanne Blake hosts this revealing look at three instances of bullying, beginning with the stories of attention-seeking bully Daniel and his victim Courtney, who Daniel often teased for being short. Courtney shares her frustration – over not having tougher skin and the fact that “nobody defended me at all” – but her mother eventually took action after a particularly crude incident, which led to a meeting with the school counselor and the families. After learning that his own mother had been the brunt of jokes in her younger years, Daniel finally felt true remorse for what he put Courtney through, and the two made peace. Also featuring Tré, a new girl whose “friends” harassed her daily after she joined a harsh clique (“the whole positive side of me got destroyed”), and Victor, who kept quiet after being attacked online but got help after tormentors threatened his mom, the segments are bookended by discussion questions for both young people and adults. Recommended. Aud: J, H, P.
(J William Wood)

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