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Mental health Bipolar disorder

Erin continues to take medication to treat her bipolar disorder. Like everyone, she has hard days. But today when Erin feels depression coming on, she knows how to handle it. "I need to talk to someone," she says. "I can't sit back, because I get really sick." Erin has learned healthy ways to deal with her feelings. She's motivated to do so to reach her goals. "I'm in a band," she says. "I could be a musician. In school I work with handicapped children, so I'd like to do that, if I'm not a musician."

People feel depressed for many reasons. If you feel depressed or see the symptoms of bipolar disorder in yourself or in a loved one, tell someone you can trust.

The National Hope Line: (800) 784-2433

SuicideHotlines.com: This Web site provides a phone number you can call in every state to talk with someone who is trained to listen.

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