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Violence Dating violence

Awareness is the key to preventing dating violence. Young people need to know that they can ask for help if they feel afraid of someone who is pretending to care.

“I always tell the kids, don’t take the road that I did,” Kristen says. “If someone says that they are going to change, let them change on their own. Don’t be that person that has to stand by them the whole time.”

Kristen has these words for anyone in a relationship with a person who is threatening you emotionally or physically. “Tell their parents. Tell somebody in the school,” she says.

“Don’t try to be a counselor. Just have them get help and don’t believe that they’re not going to do it again because that’s not true.”

Young people, parents, and teachers need to be on the look out for signs of dating violence. If you are a young person and are worried about a friend, tell a parent or a teacher. If you are a parent, talk with your child. Get help.

A young woman may be a victim of violence in a dating relationship if she:

- stops hanging out with friends
- misses school
- stops participating in extra-curricular activities
- shows signs of depression
- is doing poorly in school

For information or support call:
The National Domestic Violence hotline, 1-800-799-SAFE

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