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Communication Understanding autism

Perhaps you know someone living with a disability. Susan explains how her family talks about the importance of respecting others.

"In our family, we talk about the importance of trying to be fair and kind to each other and to those we meet, regardless of their appearance," Susan says. "Someone may seem to be doing just fine. But you never know what is going on inside."

When people make fun of another person it's often because they feel uncomfortable. If you put yourself in the other person's shoes, you will likely treat them with compassion and respect.

Susan Senator is the author of Making Peace With Autism. She keeps these guidelines in mind when interacting with her son.

• Be tolerant.

• Speak simply.

• Take your cues from him.

• Show patience.

• Be prepared to repeat things.

• Allow extra time for him to grasp what you're saying.

Read more about autism at Susan's Web site: www.susansenator.com

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