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Drugs Cocaine's effect on the body

Molly stays drug-free by talking with people close to her, by staying busy at work, and by hanging out with friends who don't use drugs. She never even saw cocaine until she was 22 years old. But she knows that kids much younger have chances to try it all the time.

“Cocaine has cost my family and me so much pain,” Molly says. “Please don't put your family through that pain.”

The best way to avoid damaging your mind and body with cocaine is to never start using it. Molly and her dad Vince want parents and kids to keep their hard-earned experience in mind.

“Drugs will bring you down,” Molly says. “They can kill you. I hope that hearing my story is enough for other kids to avoid using them.”

Vince had never talked with Molly about using drugs. He had never seen her drunk, and didn't realize that drugs were so easy to get. “Absolutely talk to your kids,” he says. “It's never too soon to talk to about the evils of drugs.”

Molly agrees. “The more open and honest you are,” she says, “and the less you try to avoid topics like drugs - the better. Really talk with your kids, so they know that when they are hurting, they can come to you. Be real with them.”

To be real and talk with your kids, you need to be tuned in to them so you notice changes.

“Take a couple minutes a day,” Molly says. “Show your kids that you do care and are interested in their life.”

When they come in at night talk with them. If you see signs of drug use don't deny it. Try to get them help. “They will thank you for it later,” Molly says.

Read more about Molly, and other stories about drug abuse, in Words Can Work: When Talking About Drugs.

Molly is available to speak to young people and parents. Send inquiries to info@wordscanwork.com.

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