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Tobacco Smokeless tobacco

When making a choice to experiment with a drug, it’s important to consider the long-term implications. Parents and peers can help by asking smart questions.
“Why do you want to try this?” “What’s the benefit of trying this?” “What advice would you give your younger brother or sister about trying this?” Talking about the possible consequences can help young people make the right choice.

“It’s not worth it to dip,” Dan says. “There’s a lot on the line. There’s nothing to gain from it.”

The easiest way to stop, of course, is not to start. “Go up to every single person who dips,” Sam says, “and I guarantee they will tell you they regret they even started.”

Getting psyched to quit dip:

• Talk about things you don’t like about it:
– the mess
– the addiction
– the girls don’t like it
– the money
– the health risks
• Set a quit date, and gradually reduce the amount you do.
• Ask friends and family for support.
• Get hard candy, gum, cloves, cinnamon sticks, toothpicks, sunflower seeds, or mints.

When cravings hit:

• Meditate.
• Drink water.
• Exercise.
• See a doctor about nicotine gum.

See a doctor or dentist if you have:
• A sore that bleeds easily and doesn’t heal.
• A lump or thickening in your mouth or neck.
• Soreness or swelling that doesn’t go away.
• Trouble chewing or swallowing, or moving your tongue or jaw.

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