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Drugs Crystal meth

Some people who become addicted to crystal meth can recover if they get professional help. When Eric's parents found out that Eric was using drugs, they took action: they called a family meeting. They stuck by him, but also forced him to look at what he was doing to himself and others.

"That was very smart," says Dr. Brian Johnson of Harvard Medical School. "They told him they loved him, but that if he didn't get help, they wouldn't support him financially. That's an important thing for parents of drug-using children to do. It's very hard for some parents."

Seeking professional help is vital to recovery from drug addiction. Despite Eric's best efforts, he couldn't stay clean on his own. "Once he was in rehab," says Dr. Johnson, "he had the constant reinforcement of those who understood addiction. They could help Eric learn how to stop using and give him the tools to stay stopped."

Eric speaks from experience when he gives advice to parents. "When you see changes with your child, or feel something is going on, contact professionals," he says. "Cut off the financial support that's enabling them. Don't doubt yourself. Act quickly, because it will only get worse."

Today, Eric assists people in drug abuse crises find programs that are licensed, accredited, and reputable. For more information go to his Web site www.addictionhelpservices.com.

Read more about Eric, and other stories about drug abuse, in Words Can Work: When Talking About Drugs.

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