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Mental health Identifying youth at risk

In schools and organizations nationally, the DVD Depression: True Stories serves as a powerful catalyst for discussion about young people and depression. Before showing the DVD to students of any age (it is recommend for grades five through college, parents/other caregivers) we recommend reviewing the following questions with them. This can help open up the discussion and offer insight into how much knowledge students have about depression. Dr. Joseph Gold, Chief Medical Officer McLean Hospital addresses each question. You can watch his responses on video or read his text response below.

Do you know anyone who experienced depression?
What are symptoms of depression in young people?
Why do some with depression hesitate to ask for help?
Do you think depression can be treated?

Read Dr. Gold's answers.

WordsCanWork.com recommends the following Websites and other trusted resources addressing depression in young people. Download the Recommended Resources list.

Recommended Resources

Web sites

American Foundation for Suicide Prevention – (Recommendations for Media)


Massachusetts Child Psychiatry Access Project: MCPAP


Project Catch-It






Helping Teens Who Cut: Understanding and Ending Self-Injury
Michael Hollander, Ph.D.

Helping Your Troubled Teen: Learn to Recognize, Understand, and Address the Destructive Behavior of Today’s Teens
Cynthia Kaplan, Ph.D.

Words Can Work: When Talking About Depression

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Depression: True Stories - DVD
Young adults and their families tell about living with depression.
Words Can Work: When Talking About Depression - Booklet
Young people, teens and parents tell how they discuss depression.
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