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Alcohol Drinking and driving

Talk with your kids about alcohol, before it's too late.

One way to bring the subject up is to ask open-ended questions:

You can say: "Can I tell you this really upsetting statistic I heard today? Almost half of 10th graders who were asked said they'd ridden in a car with a driver who'd been drinking. Everyone knows that's dangerous, so why do they do it? Help me understand how that happens."

You're more likely to engage your children in conversation if you give them the opportunity to teach you. By doing this, you send the message that you're interested in the kinds of pressures they face.

Then follow up with questions: "How would you handle that situation?"

Ashley, Bob, and Robert share their story so that other families avoid a similar tragedy. Your conversations can save lives.

See Robert's story in the DVD Alcohol: True Stories Hosted by Matt Damon

Read Robert's story in the Words Can Work: When Talking About Alcohol booklet

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Words Can Work: When Talking About Alcohol - Booklet
Young people and parents tell how they discuss underage drinking.
Alcohol: True Stories Hosted by Matt Damon - DVD
Young people tell their powerful stories about drinking and driving, addiction, and avoiding alcohol use.
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