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Alcohol Peer pressure

Jim is an accomplished athlete. Teachers and many classmates respect him.

In the small town where Jim lives, he rarely goes to parties. Parties are often where lots of his classmates meet to drink. And drinking means nothing but trouble to Jim, who is known for his commitment to avoiding alcohol. "I know that the bad things that can happen when you drink are greater than the satisfaction you get," he says. "You can get yourself into trouble."

One night, Jim decided to drop in on a party. He said no to offers for a drink. Then he was spotted by a guy in his class. "He wanted me to drink." Jim says. "He stopped the keg and said no one was getting any beer till I had a drink. They started to chant my name. I didn't know what to do."

One of the chanters had a reputation for being mean. "He is big and he gets very physical with people," Jim says. "I panicked. I decided I could have a little beer and get away with it."

Jim took a sip, then left the party. He still thinks about that night. He's disappointed in himself for giving in to the pressure.

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