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Sexual health Talking with kids

Does teaching young people about birth control while encouraging them to delay sex send a mixed and confusing message?

The American Academy of Pediatrics says teens need to be able to get birth control and emergency contraception, and need to learn about the benefits of abstinence. A Kaiser Family Foundation survey shows that most parents support this comprehensive approach to sexuality education.

The government’s own research supports giving children alI the information. Research from Dr. Kim Miller at the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention showed that when parents talked honestly with their children about sexual health – and conversations included information about reproduction, birth control, and values – their children were more likely to delay intercourse. And, if they did have sex, they were more likely to use protection.

Get the story to learn how some families handle talking about birth control and abstinence.

Learn the facts about sexuality education.
Find the answer offers tips to help your family talk about sexual health.

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