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Communication Listening

These facts underscore the key role of listening in keeping communication open between parents and children:

• Both preteens and teens say their main sources of information about sex, HIV/AIDS, violence, and drugs and alcohol are entertainment media - television, movies, and music. 1

• About 57 percent of 10- to 12-year-olds and 61 percent of 13- to 15-year-olds say kids their age get "a lot" of information from these sources. 2

• About 68 percent of parents surveyed say families do not talk enough about HIV/AIDS. 3

• Nothing shuts down communication faster than a disapproving look. 4

• The reason God gave us two ears and one mouth is so that we listen twice as much as we talk. 5

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1,2, 3 Source: Kaiser Family Foundation and Children Now. National Surveys: Talking with Kids about Tough Issues. Menlo Park, CA: Kaiser Family Foundation, 1997.
4. Dr. Barry Zuckerman, Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health (Family Health Productions).
5. Gloria White Hammond, MD Raising Healthy Kids: Families Talk About Sexual Health (Family Health Productions).

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