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Kids' Mental Health:
Lessons from the Pandemic

Families and kids have weathered the pandemic's worst days and months. Now, instead of trying

to forget this once-in-a-lifetime experience, they need to recognize the skills and strengths that

carried them through. Parents, and other trusted adults, have an opportunity to use this

moment to equip kids to deal with future challenges.

We can help. The children, parents and Harvard experts in our program provide guidance, strategies

and useful words you can use to have resilience-building conversations about stresses kids

face growing up — from day-to-day personal challenges to global crises. 

At the request of many parents and experts we are expanding topics we address. You'll find these timely interviews in Quick Takes. Sign up to be notified when we post new interviews.

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Video Excerpt

When Max was three years old, he worried when he overheard grown-ups talking about the pandemic. Sharing his feelings with his mom and dad was a big help. Lucy, 5, sought comfort in her toys, creating a make-believe classroom. Arielle, mom to two toddlers, discovered the benefits of self-care. Drawing on these stories, experts from McLean Hospital and Mass General Hospital offer valuable guidance.

Elementary School-Age Children & Preteens

Video Excerpt

Jaziel and Stephen, 8 and 13 years old, recall how their mom Kristel kept them hopeful through hard times. Charlotte, 12, and her parents describe how the pandemic affected their family. Charlotte’s friend, Victoria, describes how she stays positive. An expert from Mass General Hospital draws on lessons from their experience.


Video Excerpt

Megan, 13, and Cedric, 17, tell how missing out on activities left them feeling isolated. Discovering their strengths, and frank talks with their parents, helped them cope and built their resilience. Mental health experts from McLean Hospital and Mass General Hospital point out what works.


Quick Takes Brief Interviews about emerging topics

Dr. Ian Gotlib, Director, Stanford Neurodevelopment, Affect, and Psychopathology (SNAP) Laboratory, discusses his research showing physical changes in teens’ brains due to pandemic stress. Watch: 9 minutes. Read transcript.

About Jeanne Blake

Jeanne Blake is the creator of Kids’ Mental Health: Lessons from the Pandemic. She is the CEO of Blake Works, an executive leadership communication firm. Jeanne is an executive advisor and coach, author, and former award-winning medical television journalist. She is an honorary trustee at McLean Hospital, Harvard’s largest psychiatric teaching hospital. Jeanne has appeared on Oprah, the Today Show, CNN, and been featured on NPR and Bloomberg Radio.  

“We truly appreciate the opportunity to share Kids' Mental Health: Lessons from the Pandemic with our attorneys and staff. This valuable resource has provided them with practical guidance that can be applied across the parenting journey.”

Kristin Leary

Chief Talent & Equity Officer

Nutter McClennen & Fish LLP

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