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When Max was three years old, he worried when he overheard grown-ups talking about the pandemic. Sharing his feelings with his mom and dad was a big help. Lucy, 5, sought comfort in her toys, creating a make-believe classroom. Arielle, mom to two toddlers, discovered the benefits of self-care. Drawing on these stories, Dr. Archana Basu, a clinical psychologist at Mass General Hospital, and Dr. Daniel Dickstein, a child psychiatrist and pediatrician at McLean Hospital, offer valuable guidance. Check out Tips and Strategies and Max and his mom, 20 months later, below.

Max, 20 months later

Why he held his "coronavirus protest."

Max, 20 months later

How talking with his mom and dad helps him.

Max's mom Liz, 20 months later

How Max is doing today.

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