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Megan, 13, and Cedric, 17, tell how missing out on activities left them feeling isolated. Discovering their strengths, and frank talks with their parents, helped them cope and built their resilience. Dr. Jonathan Jenkins a child psychologist at Mass General Hospital, and Dr. Daniel Dickstein, a child psychiatrist and pediatrician at McLean Hospital, point out what works. Check out Tips and Strategies and Megan and her mom, 18 months later, below.

Megan, 20 months later

How conversations with her parents built her resilience.

Megan, 20 months later

How the pandemic strengthened her friendships.

Megan's mom Colleen, 20 months later

How lessons from the pandemic have helped Megan mature.

Tips & Strategies

Our Tips and Strategies underscore expert’s key points. 



Our Conversation Guide offers experts' guidance to support individual or group conversations.



Download Ways to Use Our Program in corporate, school, and other community settings. 

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